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Refund Payment Policy

Refunds may be issued to students dropping from courses based on the following schedule.

Long Semester (16-week) Courses
1.    100% of tuition and fees, 1st through 5th class day
2.    50% of tuition only, 6th through 10th class day
3.    25% of tuition only, 11th through 20th class day
4.    After 20th class day no refund 
* Any refunds due to students will be made after the 20th class day or later.

Refunds for all courses less than 16 weeks will follow the same refund schedule, but will be pro-rated for the length of the course. Refer to the table below for the pro-rated schedule.

Semester Length




16 weeks
5th day10th day20th day
15 weeks
5th day10th day20th day
14 weeks4th day8th day18th day
13 weeks4th day8th day16th day
12 weeks4th day8th day
15th day
11 weeks3rd day5th day14th day
10 weeks3rd day5th day13th day
9 weeks3rd day5th day
11th day
8 weeks3rd day5th day 
10th day
7 weeks
2nd day4th day9th day
6 weeks
2nd day
4th day8th day
5 weeks2nd day4th day6th day
4 weeks2nd day4th day5th day
3 weeks1st day
2nd day4th day
2 weeks1st day
2nd day3rd day
1 week
1st day

Students may be required to repay all or a portion of their financial aid and/or scholarship(s) after dropping or withdrawing from courses. Students may withdraw from courses through the last day before final exams.

Procedure for Refunds:

Concordia Campus - A student must present to the Student Records Office an add/drop form signed by his/her advisor to receive a refund, according to the refund policy stated prior.
Outreach - A student must contact the local coordinator or the Outreach office for a drop/add card to receive a refund according to the refund policy stated prior.  It is the student’s responsibility to return the form to the Outreach Office.
Online - An online student must contact the Advisement Center at the Concordia Campus for a drop/add card.
Geary County Campus  - students should submit add/drop forms signed by his/her advisor to Student Services at the Geary County Campus to receive a refund, according to the refund policy stated prior.