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Tuition and Payments

Check your Balance

  • 1. Log onto your iCloud account
  • 2. Select the "Students" tab
  • 3. Next select "Student Accounts" from the left menu
  • 4. Then select "Course and Fee Statement" from "My Account Info"
  • 5. Now click "Generate my Course and Fee Statement" and click on "View my Course and Fee Statement"

Student Account Balance Impact to Enrollment Procedures - FALL 2016

An outstanding student account balance will prevent enrollment in future classes at Cloud County Community College and will prevent the release of an official transcript.

Enrollment Exception #1: Current FACTS payment plan with successful payment history
Enrollment Exception #2: Current 3rd Party Payment arrangements, including financial aid, for 100% of the student account balance. Students are responsible to pay balances beyond the 3rd Party Payment. See Payment Methods #1 and #2 below.

Students must pay in full or make payment arrangements prior to the first day of classes. Failure to pay or make payment arrangements by this deadline, will result in the student being dropped from classes.

NOTE: Classes will NOT populate in CANVAS until payment arrangements are made

Payment Methods:

#1: Pay in Full

A. Cash, check or credit cards are accepted in person at the Concordia and Geary County Campuses
B. Credit cards are accepted by phone at the Concordia and Geary County Campuses
C. Credit cards are accepted online via iCloud.
     NOTE: A $2.00 service fee is assessed for a single online payment

#2: FACTS Payment Plan          

A. FACTS Payment Plans are setup online via iCloud by the student.
B. FACTS Payment Plans require monthly automatic drafts of the bank account or credit card designated by the student and are designed to result in full payment of the outstanding student account balance by the end of the current term.
     NOTE: A $25.00 service fee is assessed for establishment of a FACTS Payment Plan

#3: 3rd Party Payment (Includes Financial Aid and VA Benefits)

A. Students are responsible for completing the FAFSA application each academic year. Awarded grants and scholarships will be posted as anticipated aid beginning July 28, 2016. For students requesting loans, a completed Master Promissory Note, Entrance Counseling and Loan Request Form must be on file before loans will be sent as anticipated aid.

Students submitting required information after August 10, 2016 may result in delayed posting of anticipated aid to the student account. These students should plan on making payment arrangements prior to August 16, 2016 to insure they are not dropped from classes. Financial Aid students are responsible to pay balances beyond the anticipated aid.

B. Students must contact the Business Office at the Concordia Campus to alert them a 3rd Party is paying at least a portion of their balance.

     NOTE: 3rd Party Pay information must be confirmed with the Business Office prior to August 16, 2016 or payment arrangements must be made.


Make check or money order payable to CCCC and send to:
CCCC Business Office
P.O. Box 1002

Concordia, KS 66901

or call payment information in to:
785 -243-1435 ext. 205