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Living on campus is an amazing way to meet fellow students, be connected with campus activities and get involved in leadership opportunities. Cloud County Community College provides living accommodations for 364 students in a variety of living styles and arrangements.


1. Get Better Grades
Students who live on campus do better academically.

2. Make Friends and Feel Connected

You’ll meet more people - guaranteed. Friendships formed will last a lifetime. Plus, friends will be close by, for studying and just hanging out.

3. Avoid Money Hassles
By living on campus, you’ll avoid extra utility bills, expensive trips to the grocery store and chasing down roommates for their part of the rent.

4. Build Leadership Skills

Take advantage of being right on campus and be involved in all activities and organizations, such as residence life activities, Student Senate, intramural sports and other campus clubs.

5. Make College Life Easier
Enjoy the convenience of being closer to classes, the student commons area, library, computers labs, and the Fitness Center and gym. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about finding a parking place.

6. Graduate
Did you know that students who live on campus are more likely to graduate? Add to the factors contributing to your success - live on campus!

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