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Withdrawals & Return of Funds

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Students receiving financial aid who withdraw, stop attending, or receive all W, F's or I's may be required to return a portion of financial aid received. Federal financial aid funds are awarded with the expectation that students will complete the entire period of enrollment.

Students "earn" a percentage of the funds they are disbursed with each day of class attendance. If a student withdraws or stops attending classes, whether any credits have been awarded for the term or not, a portion of the aid received is considered to be unearned and must be returned to the Title IV programs from which it was received.

Students who wish to withdraw must notify the following offices and complete the necessary paperwork:

  • Concordia Campus/Outreach and Online students – Advisement Center
  • Geary County Campus students - Student Services

The Advisement Center and Student Services will provide the Financial Aid Office a copy of the Application for Total Withdrawal from Courses.

Withdrawal Date

For Title IV purposes, the date of last attendance or withdrawal date is one of the following: 

  • The date the student provides official notification of their intent to withdraw.
  • If the student requests the withdrawal process by phone and the withdrawal form is mailed to the student by the Advisement Center or Student Services, the date the form is mailed will be the date of official withdrawal.
  • If the student did not officially withdraw, the midpoint of the payment period for which financial aid was disbursed or a later date documented by the student’s instructor(s). 
  • The date of documented attendance in an academically related activity (i.e. documented attendance in a class or lab).

If a student attends through 60 percent of the term, all Title IV financial aid is considered earned. However, withdrawing from classes will affect a student’s satisfactory academic progress and eligibility for additional financial aid.

NOTE: Examples of various Return of Title IV Funds calculations are available in the Financial Aid Office.

Get more information on the Cloud County Community College Refund Payment Policy.