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Disbursement Information

Students at Cloud County Community College have the opportunity to apply for financial aid from the following Federal Programs: Pell Grant, SEOG, Work Study, Stafford Direct Loans and Parent PLUS Loans. Any student with a current federal loan default will not be awarded Federal Student Aid.

This disbursement policy is for students who have a completed financial aid file and all direct loan paperwork completed within three weeks of the scheduled disbursement date.  All other students will be disbursed at a later date.

Disbursement dates for the 2013-2014 school year are:

2013-2014 Fall Disbursement Schedule

2013-2014 Spring Disbursement Schedule

October 4, 2013

February 28, 2014

2nd Start Classes ~ November 15, 2013

2nd Start Classes ~ April 16, 2014

Cloud County Community College defines disbursement as the payment of Title IV funds by crediting a student’s account or by issuing a refund check made payable to the student and/or parent borrower of a parent PLUS. If the amount of financial aid applied to a student account exceeds the student’s semester charges, a refund will be issued to the student.

Financial Aid will be applied to the student account in the following order:

1. Institutional and Outside Scholarships
3. Federal Pell Grant
4. Federal Direct Stafford Loans ~ loan funds are disbursed in two equal disbursements: Normal disbursement for loans is half for the Fall and half for the Spring. If a student will only be attending one semester, either Fall or Spring, there may be two equal disbursements within that semester.

Cloud County Community College will not hold credit balances to pay for a subsequent semester.  All students who have a credit balance will be issued a refund either by check or through Direct Deposit on the disbursement day.

Students who are issued a refund check may pick up their checks in the business office prior to 4:00 pm on the scheduled disbursement day.  After 4:00 pm all refund checks will be mailed to the student’s legal home permanent address.

Students who have completed the Direct Deposit / EFT Authorization form will have refunds directly deposited to the student’s designated account on the scheduled disbursement day.

Students may use Estimated Financial Aid credit to purchase books from the CCCC Bookstore.  Students must provide the bookstore with a copy of their course and fee statement indicating their Estimated Financial Aid along with a copy of their class schedule.  Students may choose to opt out of this opportunity.

The Financial Aid office will send students e-mail notification of the amount of Title IV aid disbursed to student accounts.  This notification will include information regarding the student’s right to reduce or cancel any portion of their student loan. 

All Title IV funds the business office or payroll office is unable to deliver to student or parent PLUS borrowers will be returned to the appropriate Title IV program account.  Before returning any undeliverable funds, the business office or payroll office, will attempt to locate and contact the student or the parent PLUS borrower to negotiate the check.  The business office will notify the financial aid office regarding any undeliverable funds returned to a Title IV program account.

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