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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require that a student must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in a certificate or degree program in order to be eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid.  Federal Financial Aid includes Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal Work-Study and student loans.

The SAP process is measured by qualitative and quantitative standards at the end of each semester.  Factors used to determine progress are (1) cumulative grade point average; (2) cumulative credit hours attempted; (3) completion time frame (measured in credit hours) allowed to complete a certificate or degree program. 

SAP is calculated for each student at Cloud County Community College.  Academic transcripts are reviewed for all previous enrollments including enrollment periods and transfer hours which were completed during a term when financial aid was not requested or received.  Courses with a recorded grade of “F” (failure), “I” (incomplete), and “W” (withdrawn) or repeated courses are considered toward total hours attempted.  For purposes of determining SAP progress at the end of the semester, “I’s” (incompletes) are treated as “F’s”.  If a student completes the course and the “I” grade is changed to an “A”, “B”, “C”, or “D”, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office and provide verification of the completion.

TRANSFER STUDENTS:  Students transferring from another institution will have their SAP status reviewed prior to any Financial Aid disbursement.  Transfer hours will be counted as both hours attempted and hours completed.

SAP standards are evaluated following each semester (fall, spring, and summer) for students receiving Federal Financial Aid.  Cloud County Community College students requesting Federally Funded Assistance must meet or exceed all standards listed below: 

  1. Students must have a 2.0 or greater cumulative GPA.
  2. Students must successfully complete two-thirds of cumulative credit hours attempted.
  3. Students who have attempted 96 or more credit hours but have not met their program requirements will be on Financial Aid Suspension and will be required to complete the “Hours in Excess” form before Federal Financial Aid is considered.  Only specific courses required to complete their program are eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

FINANCIAL AID WARNING:   Students who fail to meet the above listed academic progress standards at Cloud County Community College will be placed on Financial Aid Warning for the following semester or the next semester that a student attends.  Students placed on Financial Aid Warning will remain eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid as long as they meet or exceed the required SAP standards in the following semester.  Suspension of Federal Financial Aid will occur if the requirements are not met during the warning period.

FINANCIAL AID SUSPENSION:  Student placed on Financial Aid Suspension will not be eligible for Federal Financial Aid funds.  Students will be placed in Financial Aid Suspension based on the following criteria: 

  • Total withdrawal or failure to successfully complete any credit hours enrolled in for the semester (i.e. all “W’s”, “F’s”, or “I’s”).
  • Did not meet requirements of Financial Aid Warning
  • Students who have received an Associate Degree or attempted 96 or more credit hours but have not met their program requirements and will be required to complete the “Hours in Excess”  form before Federal Financial Aid is considered.  Only specific courses required to complete their program are eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

Students placed on Financial Aid Suspension will be notified in writing by the Financial Aid office as soon as possible after the determination of the suspension.  Financial Aid Suspension does not mean that a student is prohibited from attending Cloud County Community College, as long as all other requirements for attendance are met.  Students are not eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid funds and must assume responsibility for the payment of the direct costs (tuition, fees, books, dorm, etc.) at the time of enrollment.

FINANCIAL AID REINSTATEMENT:  A student’s eligibility for Federal Financial Aid will be reinstated when the student meets the minimum SAP standards and notifies the Financial Aid Office in writing. 

Students placed on Financial Aid Suspension have the right to appeal the suspension if they feel they have unusual circumstances that warrant an exception to policy.  The appeal process is available to any student placed on Financial Aid Suspension that has specific mitigating circumstances which prevented the student from maintaining SAP.

An appeal may not be heard if:

  • The student has been dismissed from the college.
  • The student has not been academically reinstated by the Academic Advising Office.
  • The student owes any fees to college.
  • The appeal request is for the current semester and is received after the semester’s mid-term.

Students must follow the appeal process outlined below.  

  • Suspended students will receive a letter and a Suspension Appeal form at the end of the semester in which they failed to meet the probationary or minimum requirements.
  • Students placed on suspension who have pre-enrolled will not have their enrollment deleted but will be responsible for making payment arrangements in the Business Office.  Financial aid that may have been awarded for the next academic term will be deleted from the students account and required payments become the student’s responsibility unless financial aid eligibility is reinstated following the appeal.
  • The Suspension Appeal form with supporting statements and documentation from appropriate sources (i.e. physician, certified psychologist, psychiatrist, mental health clinic, attorney, academic counselor, employer, etc.), must be returned to the Financial Aid Office by the first day of class for the semester of enrollment following the suspension.  The students appeal needs to include “Why they failed to make SAP” and “What has changed that will allow the student to make SAP at the next evaluation”.
  • The Director of Financial Aid along with the Financial Aid committee reviews all appeals and generally considers the following factors in determining whether a student should be re-instated: the student’s prior record, the student’s GPA, the student’s reason for lack of progress and the documentation provided.  Terms of the appeal could include a limit on the number of hours that a re-instated student may use for Financial Aid Hours of Enrollment.  Other conditions of re-instatement may be imposed at the discretion of the Financial Aid Director.  Cloud County Community College will notify students of the results of the SAP review.
  • If an appeal is not granted, or if the appeal is not submitted, students must meet the minimum SAP standards.  Students who meet this requirement will have their financial aid reinstated upon written request. Students, who have “incomplete” for a grade and are placed on suspension due to this “I”, will remain on suspension until the “incomplete” is changed to a passing grade.  Therefore, if a student does not complete the class before final enrollment for the next term, they will be expected to pay or make arrangements with the business office for that class. It is the student’s responsibility to report all grade changes to the Financial Aid Office.  A re-evaluation of the student’s SAP will be conducted at that time. The student may also submit a Financial Aid appeal for consideration in regard to the “incomplete” if it is not satisfied by the next award period.
  • If the appeal is granted the student status will be considered “Financial Aid Probation” as long as the student is able to make SAP after the subsequent payment period.  If the student is not able to make SAP in the subsequent payment period then in conjunction with the appeal for reinstatement the student will be placed on an Academic Plan and must meet the requirements of the Academic Plan to be eligible for Federal Financial Aid in the next semester enrolled. Failure to meet the conditions of the students' academic plan will result in Financial Aid Suspension and make the student ineligible for further federal financial aid at CCC. Please contact the Financial Aid office before the end of the semester if there are extreme circumstances which are preventing you from meeting the requirement of the plan.

REPEATED COURSEWORK.  Students are allowed to have repeated coursework count toward enrollment status.  Students may repeat previously passed course once and still use Federal Financial Aid.  Students may repeat a previously failed course until it is passed using Federal Financial Aid.

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