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The Power of Giving

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Donor Stories

Belva Morgan

Belva Morgan is a legend in the very small town of Norway, KS.  She was the Postmistress in Norway for 50 years and if you ask the residents of Norway, she was also the “unofficial” Mayor.  At the age of 85, Belva would still hand deliver mail to the sick and put up the American flag each day.  So strong was Belva’s motivation to serve others that she had accumulated 125 weeks or almost 2.5 years of sick leave over her career!

Belva has left her legacy and continues to serve others after her passing.  Belva never had the opportunity to attend college but understood the importance of education.  With the help of her nephew, Jim Waters, an endowed fund was established in her name.  This fund has been aiding students, through the form of scholarship, in achieving their educational dreams.

Gail Kline

In 2004 Gail Kline was hired at CCCC as the Administrative Asst. in the Humanities dept.  From the very beginning, Gail was a dedicated employee.  She believed in CCCC and all of the students who attended.  You would often find Gail bee-bopping around the school with a huge contagious smile on her face.  She was a person who made a point to ask how you were doing in passing but genuinely meant it and stopped to listen to your response.  To some’s surprise, Gail could be caught “shaking her tail feather” dressed as Thor (the T-Bird) at sporting events and in 100 plus degree weather during town parades.  Gail accompanied the Great Society Singers to Bulgaria.  This duty she did not take lightly.  As a mother herself, she knew the importance of bringing every one of those students back home safe and sound! During Gail’s time here at Cloud, she was a second mom to many but most importantly, a friend to all. In 2009 Gail left CCCC to work for the school district in Minneapolis. 

Over the years, Gail took up the hobby of bike riding.  Gail logged many miles; biking from her home to Concordia, Bennington, Salina and every town in-between.  Gail even biked across Kansas.  Unfortunately, this past May, while Gail was taking part in a three day bike tour, she was hit by a vehicle. 

Gail’s husband Kevin, son Taylor and daughters, Sidney and Kristen have graciously decided to leave a legacy by establishing an endowed fund in the memory of Gail. 

Robert Ruzicka

Robert “Bob” Ruzicka was hired as a fulltime instructor at Cloud County Community College in the fall semester 1970, and his specialized expertise in zoology, and human anatomy and physiology, went on to serve as a main component for the establishment of an Associate Degree Licensed Practical Nursing program in l976.

Over his tenure with the college, Bob guided and encouraged thousands of students through the rigors of medical basics.  Despite the difficulty of the course work, any student will tell you that Bob made it fun.  A part of Bob may have wished he had become an M. D. like his father, but his undeniable contribution to medicine was as a teacher.  Bob’s accomplishments were always tempered with humor, his accolades generously shared with others, and the many compliments he received from students and colleagues were characteristically borne with an “aw shucks” response.

Bob continues to inspire and touch the lives of countless students, faculty, staff, and community as he was one of those rare individuals who had the ability to impact people individually with his humor, love for life and learning, as well as his caring and kind heart.  His smile will forever be remembered by all who knew him.

Student Stories

Blaine Joonas, Linn, KS

Thank you so much for the scholarship.  The money will help further my education in the Musical arts I am so honored to be chosen for this prestigious honor.  I am a hard worker and a dedicated scholar and will continue to be so in my future endeavors.   Thank you, again. 

Emily Montgomery, Topeka, KS

Thank you for awarding me the Clyde and Doris Fitch Memorial Scholarship.  I appreciate your generosity and am very grateful having received it.  College is something I look forward to everyday and every bit of help I receive along the way makes me feel so thankful.

Joseph Debauche, Salina, KS

As a recipient of this scholarship, I wanted to personally thank you and let you know how much it has helped me.  The whole time I have been attending Cloud, I have been working more than full time to keep up with bills, books, and tuition.  When the time came to enroll for the upcoming term, it was impossible for me to schedule the courses I need and maintain that kind of availability at my job.  I decided to enroll full time and demote and take a pay cut at work.  It is going to be difficult, but I know that my education is worth the sacrifice.  It was this scholarship that made it possible for me to make this decision.  I could not be more grateful that I chose Cloud to further my education.  It has been one of the best experiences of my life so far, thanks to all of you.