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Helicopter Parents

Are you a helicopter Parent?

Helicopter parenting doesn’t just start when your child goes off to college. It really all begins on those first few days of kindergarten, when you linger outside the classroom in fear something might go wrong, wishing you could hold their hand every step of the way.

By the time your child is ready to go off to college you have perfected hovering over every detail of your child’s day-to-day life, particularly when it comes to school.

You worry constantly about what college your child will choose and have taken the initiative to complete admissions and scholarship applications for them.

You obsess over what major they will choose and contact the advising, housing and admissions office on a regular basis just to make sure everything is in place.

Once they get to college you keep the phone handy, just in case your child needs you for a tough homework assignment. Not to mention the countless hours you spend checking out their friends and roommates on Facebook.

You feel like you missed out on some great experience at college and are will to do anything to make sure you son or daughter doesn’t do the same. Even if you have to contact their advisor to get them enrolled in that art class you just know they will love.

If any of the above sound familiar, you may be a “helicopter parent.”

Why helicopter parenting is dangerous?

Children who know their parents will always be there to keep them from falling, don’t push themselves as hard to succeed. A child needs to learn that if they are determined and put their mind to something they can achieve it. Overprotective, helicopter, parenting teaches your kids that life is going to harm them and you will always be there to keep them from that harm. By letting go and allowing your child to make their own mistakes you are equipping them for the future and preparing them for the adult world.