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Essential Functions

The following functional categories are considered to be essential for success in the CCCC Nursing Program. The following bulleted items identify (but are not limited to) specific behaviors that are necessary for admission to the nursing program.

Emotional Stability

Emotional stability sufficient to assume responsibility/accountability for words and actions

  • Establish, maintain and terminate therapeutic relationships
  • Communicate in a supportive manner
  • Deal with the unexpected (e.g. deterioration in client condition, personal or professional crisis)
  • Cope with strong emotions
  • Adapt to changing environment/stress
  • Focus attention on assigned activities
  • Demonstrate knowledge and compassion in all activities
  • Monitor own emotions and maintain emotional control.
  • Practice the “how much of this do I own” philosophy.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal ability sufficient to interact with individuals, families and groups respecting social, cultural, and spiritual diversity

  • Negotiate interpersonal conflict
  • Establish positive rapport with clients, classmates, clinical agency staff and instructors
  • Interact with others effectively, efficiently and empathically.

Communication Skills

Communication ability sufficient for interaction with others in oral and written form

  • Accurately, concisely, and objectively convey written and verbal information (e.g. nurses’ notes, report on patient condition)
  • Direct activities of others by providing clear written and oral instructions
  • Be able to communicate effectively incorporating various modalities (e.g. telephone, computers)

Ethical and Legal Behaviors

Follow established guidelines of the profession to maintain accepted standards in the education and practice setting

  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Comply with the professional code of ethics
  • Adhere to HIPAA regulations
  • Practice within the parameters of the Rules & Regulations of the Kansas State Board of Nursing
  • Demonstrate integrity in all behaviors

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking ability to exercise sound judgment related to client care

  • Synthesize knowledge and skills
  • Identify cause-effect relationships
  • Sequence information
  • Demonstrate patterns of responsible behavior

Analytical Thinking

Reasoning skills sufficient to perform deductive/inductive thinking for client care decisions.

  • Solve life problems using “common sense”.
  • Transfer knowledge from one situation to another.
  • Prioritize tasks.
  • Use long and short term memory.


Reading ability sufficient to comprehend the written word at a minimum of a tenth grade level.

  • Read and understand documents printed in English


Arithmetic ability sufficient to do computations at a minimum of an eighth grade level. It includes the following three concepts.

Counting the act of enumerating or determining the number of items in a group.
Measuring the act or process of ascertaining the extent, dimensions or quality of something.
Comparing the act or process of performing mathematical calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Compute simple algebraic problems to determine drug dosages.
Conversion the ability to move numbers from one system to another (metric, apothecary)

  • Read measurements marks
  • Read a graph (i.e. vital signs sheet)
  • Read watch with second hand
  • Count rates
  • Read digital displays
  • Tell and measure time (i.e. count duration of contractions etc.)

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills sufficient to provide the full range of safe and effective nursing care activities

  • Stand and maintain balance
  • Reach below waist and overhead

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills sufficient to perform manual psychomotor skills integral to client care

  • Grip (with fingers)
  • Write with a pen or pencil
  • Perform keyboarding
  • Manipulate equipment (e.g. vials, ampules, syringes, medication packages. various drains, tubings, adaptive appliances etc.)

Physical Endurance

Physical strength sufficient to perform client care activities for entire length of work shift

  • Maintain physical tolerance (i.e. work an entire shift with acceptable speed.)

Physical strength

Physical strength sufficient to perform full range of required client care activities

  • Move or lift light objects weighing up to 5 pounds over head (i.e. hanging IVs, irrigations)
  • Move heavy objects weighing over 50 pounds (i.e. turning a client in bed)
  • Carry equipment and supplies
  • Pulling and pushing equipment over 50 pounds (i.e. moving a hospital bed)


Physical ability sufficient to move from place to place in order to perform nursing activities

  • Bend
  • Move body and all extremities quickly (i.e. respond to an emergency)
  • Stoop and squat


Auditory ability sufficient to perform client care

  • Hear faint body sounds (i.e. blood pressure sounds)
  • Hear auditory alarms (i.e. monitors, fire alarms, call bells)
  • Hear normal speaking level sounds (i.e. person to person interaction)


Visual ability sufficient for accurate observation and performance of client care

  • Correctly identify objects up to 20 feet away (i.e. client in a room and imminent danger (fire))
  • Demonstrate adequate depth perception and peripheral vision
  • Read fine print (e.g. medication labels and insulin syringes), graphs, digital readings, IVs


Tactile ability sufficient for physical monitoring and assessment.

  • eel vibrations (i.e. palpate pulses)
  • Feel differences in a size and shape (i.e. palpate vein, identify body landmark)
  • Detect temperature and changes in temperature (i.e. skin, solutions)
  • Feel differences in surface characteristics (i.e. skin turgor, rash)


Olfactory ability sufficient to detect significant environment and client odors

  • Detect odors of bodily fluids or environmental substances (e.g. spoiled food, caustic agents)
  • Detect smoke from burning materials

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