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The application deadline is January 31.

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Selection Criteria

Apply Online to Cloud County Community College
in addition to the application to the Nursing program, all students applying to the Associate Degree Nursing Program must also complete the application for admission to CCCC.

Apply Online to the Nursing Program

Please read the following information thoroughly!

  • Applicants to the associate degree level shall be a graduate of a practical nursing program. Verification of licensure to practice (from the state of residence) is mandatory by August 1. Licensure must be maintained throughout the school year.
  • The applicant shall take a standardized entrance examination for purposes of placement in the program. An applicant may retest one time after a 2 week period if the predetermined minimum score is not attained. If the applicant is successful on the second attempt, the minimum score will be used in the ranking calculation. The composite score will be used for ranking purposes for class selection. The applicant shall pay the required fee each time the test is taken.
  • All applicants shall have C or better in all required general education and other plan of study (non-nursing) courses.
  • There are specific abilities that are critical to nursing student success. Students must demonstrate the ability to meet the standards, with or without reasonable accommodations. The Essential Functions information provided.

Send in your References

Follow this link to complete a References Form after you have applied to the Nursing Program.

  • Please list the names of five people to whom we can send a confidential reference request.
  • Email addresses are preferred, however, if email is unavailable, a complete address is required, including name, employing agency or school, street address, city, state and zip code.
  • References should be recent instructors, supervisors and employers. Do not use relatives, friends, or coworkers. References should be someone in a position to evaluate your performance.
  • If you graduated from a Practical Nursing Program in the last 3 years, one reference must be from a full time nursing faculty member.

The Kansas Nurse Practice Act states that  “no license or authorization to practice nursing as a licensed professional nurse….shall be granted to a person with a felony conviction for a crime against persons as specified in article 34 of chapter 21 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated.”   Conviction of the crimes in that list would eliminate the potential for licensure.   Licensure may also be denied because of past disciplinary action on a license. 

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