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Student expectations 2018

Student Expectations

o   Proctoring appointments are scheduled with Proctoring Assist., Steph Pitchford and have at least 24-hour notice before session.

o   Emailing or leaving a message to schedule a test is not considered a scheduled appointment. Please wait for confirmation of appointment from proctoring staff.

o   Picture ID must be presented to proctor before signing in “Proctoring Log” for service. No proctoring will be allowed without proper identification.

o   Proctored coursework must be concluded by closing time, i.e., essay with two-hour limit must begin before 3pm if closure is 5pm.

o   Cell phones must be powered “off” at all times during proctoring service. If phone is audible or suspected to be used during session, testing will be terminated immediately. A 2nd offense constitutes a termination of all course/term agreements without a refund.

o   Proctors cannot advise student on exam directions provided by course instructors.

o   All proctored exams, homework, instructions and applicable coursework is to be sent directly from course instructor to Cloud’s proctor, GCARNES@CLOUD.EDU.

o   Cloud’s proctoring service is not responsible for providing any resources beyond a testing site, computer and proctor. Students need to be prepared by bringing supplies such as textbooks, calculators, scratch paper, pen/pencil or other items needed for session.

o   Cloud cannot proctor any coursework without first having course instructor approval and receiving specific coursework guidelines sent to proctor.

o   It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate course instructor and proctor communication and transfer of essential coursework and proctoring guidelines such as and not limited to:

     o   Open/closed book

     o   Notes allowed/scratch paper

     o   Tools, e.g., calculators, tables or handouts

     o   Time limits

By signing the “Cloud Proctoring Log” before a session, students acknowledge they have read, understand and agree to the policies of the “Student Expectations”. Any questions or concerns are the student’s responsibility to communicate with proctoring service staff.