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Technology Requirements

These are the minimum recommended computer requirements for Cloud Online courses. Remember, in order to communicate with instructors, regularly using your t-bird email account is required.

Some courses may have additional requirements that will be identified by the instructor upon request.

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Computer Specifications

Canvas and its hosting infrastructure are designed for maximum compatibility and minimal requirements.

Screen Size

A minimum of 1024x600. That is the average size of a netbook. If you want to view Canvas on a device with a smaller screen, we recommend using the Canvas mobile app.

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP SP3 and newer
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and newer
  • Linux - chromeOS

Mobile Operating System Native App Support

  • iOS 7 and newer
  • Android 2.3 and newer

Computer Speed and Processor

  • Use a computer 5 years old or newer when possible
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 2GHz processor

Internet Speed

  • Along with compatibility and web standards, Canvas has been carefully crafted to accommodate low bandwidth environments.
  • Minimum of 512kbps

Screen Readers

  • Macintosh: VoiceOver (latest version for Safari)
  • PC: JAWS (latest version for Internet Explorer 10 &11)
  • PC: NVDA (latest version for Firefox)
  • There is no screen reader support for Canvas in Chrome

If you are using Windows Vista and Internet Explorer, you may experience compatibility problems with Canvas. It is recommended that you download Firefox ( and/or Google Chome ( and use Firefox or Chrome to access your online classes.