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Academic Assessment Mission Statement

The college mission statement identifies the enhancement of student learning as the central purpose for the existence of Cloud County Community College. Assessment is, in part, a way of measuring the extent of student learning. As such, it fulfills a valuable role in informing the public and controlling agencies the extent to which Cloud County is fulfilling its mission.

However, the greater value of assessment is as a tool to help improve student learning. With regard to student learning, Cloud County’s campus community bases their actions on assumptions about how students learn, when they learn, what qualities identify good instructors, what pedagogies work best, what student experiences encourage/discourage learning, how student individuality effects learning, and what role the physical environment plays in learning. The answers to these and to other pertinent questions are neither simple nor self-evident. When the actions of students, the board of trustees, administrators, faculty and staff are based on accurate assumptions, learning is enhanced. When actions taken are based on less accurate beliefs, learning suffers. Assessment helps Cloud County develop more accurate assumptions about if, when, what, and how students learn. The practice helps identify the cause and effect relationship between the factors that impact student learning and the extent of that learning. It, therefore, helps determine what modifications should be made in our pursuit of our mission, and the efficacy of those modifications.

The assessment of student learning, the interpretation of the results of assessment, and the use of those findings to motivate improvement requires the participation of students, the board of trustees, administrators, faculty and staff individually and collectively.

New reports

Individual, department, and dean's assessment forms are now available on the reports page. The Assessment Manual has also been updated; old reference materials have been removed.


The current newsletter is available on the newsletters page. There is also an archive of past newsletters, all in PDF format.

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