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General Ed Courses

General Education Courses

General Education (GE) classes are designed to provide a broad-base education. GE courses are not major specific classes. They encourage students to sample across the spectrum in an effort to create connections among disciplines and develop a more global understanding of the world. Classes for the GE list are selected based on their ability to fulfill requirements for most degrees and on their transferability to other institutions.

CCCC faculty have developed student outcome goals for GE classes reflecting what students can expect to learn. Each semester artifacts are collected according to an assessment schedule and then evaluated by an group of professionals to determine if students are achieving the goals established by faculty. All General Education courses offered by CCCC are included in general education assessment.

Fine Arts

AR100Art Appreciation
CM140Theatre Appreciation
CM148American Cinema Appreciation
FL105French I
FL111Spanish I
FL113German I
HU201Humanities I
HU202Humanities II
MU100Music Appreciation
MU101American Music
MU102World Music


PH100Introduction to Philosophy


CM121Introduction to Literature
CM122American Literature I
CM123American Literature II
CM124World Literature and the Human Experience


SS108Women in American Society
SS120Western Civilization I
SS121Western Civilization II
SS122U.S. History I
SS123U.S. History II
SS124Introduction to History

Physical Sciences

SC100Survey of Science (for AAS only)
SC103Physical Science
SC105General Astronomy
SC118/AG108Environmental Science and Conservation
SC119/AG109Environmental Science and Conservation Lab
SC130General Chemistry
SC131Chemistry I
SC140College Physics I
SC142University Physics I

Biological Sciences

SC101General Biology
SC110Principles of Biology
SC120Human Anatomy & Physiology I
SC123Human Physiology


MA105Survey of Math (for AAS only)
MA110Intermediate Algebra (for AAS and AGS only)
MA111College Algebra
MA115Linear Algebra and General Calculus
MA120Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MA121Analytic Geometry and Calculus II


CM101English Composition I
CM102English Composition II
CM115Public Speaking I


EC101Economics I
EC102Economics II


SS101General Psychology
SS105/HE141Human Growth and Development

Physical Education

PE110Total Fitness
PE134Personal and Community Health
PE135Concepts of PE
PE141Personal Wellness
All Varsity Sports and Activity Courses


SS130Introduction to Sociology
SS106/HE140Marriage and Family


SS125Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Political Science

SS140U.S. Government: National
SS141U.S. Government: State and Local
SS142Current Political Issues


GE101World Geography