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Math, Science & Engineering

The Mathematics Department at Cloud County Community College offers a wide range of courses. Covering everything from introductory math courses to algebra, calculus, and differential equations, the department helps students learn the math skills they need for their programs of study.

Why choose math?

Mathematics is the fundamental language of science. Many careers and higher education programs require a solid knowledge of math concepts and skills.

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The Science Department at Cloud County Community College offers several two-year transfer degrees. Cloud provides courses that support these programs as well as courses that support programs in agriculture, Allied Health and life sciences and courses that meet general education transfer requirements for the college. The department includes faculty in the areas of both Physical and Natural Sciences.

The department offers an associates degree in the following areas: Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Engineering Technology, Physics, Physical Science, and various other pre-professional health programs.

Cloud County Community College was the first community college in Kansas to have a human cadaver program. This program allows students the opportunity to dissect human body cadavers while taking anatomy and physiology courses.

The Earl Bane Observatory houses a 12 inch telescope and is open to the public for special events. Visit the observatory page for more detailed information.

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