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The Agri-Biotechnology AAS degree and Certificate programs will prepare students for entry-level positions in the emerging biotechnology industry. The program provides a strong scientific background and extensive laboratory experience in methods currently used in research, government, and industry laboratories. Courses incorporate various skills important for employment in entry-level positions in the bioscience industry including laboratory techniques and instrumentation, basic computer skills associated with generating, analyzing and presenting experimental data, documentation of laboratory procedures according to industry standards, and regulatory affairs governing the bioscience industry. Students will learn to effectively work in cooperative teams in a laboratory setting to plan and complete experiments in a timely manner.


Agri-Biotechnology Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Agri-Biotechnology Certificate (32-hour)


Contact:  Taryn Cipra
              (785) 243-1435, ext 343

Program Information: The Associates of Applied Science in the agriculture area is designed to enable students to begin a career in a variety of agricultural programs throughout the state of Kansas and across the Midwest.

Recommended Course Sequence:
First Semester:  AG160, SC131
Second Semester:  SC110, SC111, SC112, AG127
Third Semester:  AG236, AG147
Fourth Semester:  AG237

Requirements: Depending on ACT scores and/or placement exams, students may be required to take developmental courses which may add to the length of study.

After Cloud: Obtaining an Associate of Applied Science in this area should prepare a student to enter the work force.  This is specifically a “School to Work” or “Career Ready” program.

Gainful Employment: The program results in an Associate of Applied Science degree which prepares students to begin a career in the agriculture production and services area.  Students who obtain a degree in this field could apply these skills to careers such as agricultural production, agriculture management, or agricultural science related fields.  Entry level employments in these fields are in the $15,000 to $25,000 range.

Transfer Institution Guide:  A student who is interested in pursuing a baccalaureate degree should consult a CCCC advisor and the transfer guide and catalog of the four-year institution.


What you can do with a degree in Agri-Biotechnology. . .

There are many potential job opportunities with either the AAS degree or the Certificate program. Students will be able to find employment in the bio-science industry, academia, and government settings in the following areas:

• laboratory technician                    •  cDNA library coordinator
• research/development scientist     •  research technician
• sequencing technician                  •  bioinformatics technician
• cell culture technician                   •  protein purification technician

Anticipated salaries range from $15.00 - $26.00 per hour. Annual earnings for a laboratory technician are expected to average $30,000.


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