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Geary Campus Directory

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Acree, Aaron

Head Softball Coach
Director of Intramurals


Acree, Jenny

Director of Marketing and Public Information


Aldridge Ball, JoDee

Coordinator of Allied Health Programs


Andrews, Keela

TRiO Student Support Services Director


Anson, Chester

Instructor in Wind Energy


Atkins, Chris

Assistant Baseball Coach


Austin, John

Instructor in Chemistry


Avery, Brad

Maintenance Person


Backlin, William

Vice President for Academic Affairs


Baer, Amy

Manager of the Bookstore


Baird, Hannah

Administrative Assistant in Auxiliary Services


Bechard, Matthew

Athletic Director


Benne, April

Coordinator of Concurrent and Outreach Education


Blair-Mobley, Carolyn

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach


Britt, Shane

Coordinator of Residence Life


Brummett, Gregory

Head Baseball Coach
Assistant to the Coordinator of the Fitness Center


Bryant, Krista

Instructor in Nursing


Brzon, Ashley

Human Resource Assistant


Burgess, Vinton

Maintenance Supervisor in Residence Life


Carnes, Gwen

Instructor in Mathematics at the Geary County Campus


Carter, Lance

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach


Caspers, Sheila

Secretary, Division of Applied Sciences


Champlin, Linda

Financial Aid Assistant


Charbonneau, Michelle

Director of the Childrens Center


Christensen, Jeremy

Instructor in English at the Geary County Campus


Clark, David

Information Technology Technician at the Geary County Campus


Clark, Jolene

Financial Aid Specialist


Coppoc, Dee Dee

Coordinator of Academic Advisement Services


Cunningham, Bill

Maintenance Technician - Residence Life


Cunningham, Lauralee

Campus Security Officer


Cyre, Dan

Instructor in Wind Energy


de Rochefort Reynolds, Karl

Instructor in Social Science


Detrixhe, Patty

Computer Data Specialist, Student Records


Duffy, Rachel

Foundation Specialist


Durler, Jamie

Instructor of English
Instructor of Speech


Edleston, Brenda

Dean of the Geary County Campus


Elliott, Patti

Assistant Registrar


Elwood, Tena

Instructor in Nursing


Engelbert, Joshua

Information Technology Technician


Erkenbrack, Brett

Head Women's Basketball Coach
Instructor in the Social Sciences


Eshbaugh, Chad

Head Men's Basketball Coach
Instructor in the Social Sciences


Eubanks, Janet

Director of Auxiliary Services


Farha, Shelly

Instructor in Business


Farha, Spencer

Instructor in Physical Education


Farmer, Kris

Financial Aid Loan Specialist


Faulkner, Peggye

ABE/GED Instructor


Figgs, Joel

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Services


Forshee, Catherine

Instructor in Economics


Gantvoort, Randy

Instructor in Wind Energy


Gantz, Mary

Accounts Payable Specialist


Gennette, Heather

Coordinator of Fund Raising and Alumni Relations


Goldy, Lisa



Gong, Qin Qin

Instructor in Science


Graham, Bruce

Instructor in Wind Energy


Greene, Susan

Instructor in Accounting


Gross, Jamieson

Instructor in Animal Science


Guiboa, David

Information Technology Technician 

Halferty, Carolyn

Manager of the Production Room


Hanson, Brenda

Director of the Career Center


Harvey, Susan

Administrative Assistant in Business and Industry


Hood, Karlie

Admissions Counselor


Hubert, Christopher

Lead Custodian


Hughbanks, Tyrone

Instructor in Biology


Jacobs, Roger



Kearn, Deborah

Director of Adult Basic Education


Keller, Joseph

Instructor in Math


Kern, Amy

Instructor in Graphic Design


Kirkwood, Jennifer

Student Health Counselor


Kitchener, Harry

Director of Cross Country & Track & Field Operations

Coordinator of Athletic Facility Enhancements


Knoettgen, Suzi

Director of Financial Aid


Krampe, Christopher

Instructor in Music


Kraus, Nicole

Assistant Bookstore Manager


Kymer, Deanna

Marketing Communications Specialist


LaBarge, Mary

Director of Accounting Services


Lamb, Craig

Instructor in Science at the Geary County Campus


Lamberty, Cynthia

Instructor in Science at the Geary County Campus


Lange, Amy

Vice President for Administrative Services


LaPolice, Alan

Student Retention Specialist


Leif, Diane

Advisement Office Manager


Leif, Dr. Todd

Instructor in Science


Leiszler, Karen

Accounts Receivable Specialist


Lowell, Ann

Assistant to the Director of Athletics


Mahin, Drew

Head Cross County and Assistant Track Coach


Malone, Marc

Instructor in English


Martin, Marilyn

Clerk of the Board of Trustees
Administrative Assistant to the President


McEuen, Mary Kay

Paraprofessional in the Student Success Center


Merrill, Tonya

Instructor in English


Mize, Ragena

Director of Assessment and Accreditation


Murrow, Rebecca

Director of Advisement and Retention Services


Nemnich, Spencer

Assistant Soccer Coach


Nies, Matthew

TRiO Academic Specialist


Nordell, Carleen

Director of College and Community Activities


Olson, Shane

Director of Admissions


Ouellette, Haley

Admissions Office Assistant


Ortega, Ashley

Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President at the Geary County Campus


Penn, Gerald

Custodian at the Geary County Campus

Perret, Stefanie

Instructor in Nursing


Petersen, Linda



Phillips, Brent

Dean for the Division of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business


Pitchford, Stephanie

Administrative Assistant in Student Services at the Geary County Campus


Poersch, Monte

Instructor in Wind Energy


Porcase, Brittany

Admissions Counselor/Military Liaison at the Geary County Campus


Pounds, Kevin

Instructor in Social Sciences
Articulation Coordinator


Pounds, Marcia

Secretary for Buildings, Grounds and Transportation


Preston, Christopher

instructor in Mathematics at the Geary County Campus


Rassel, Robert

Grounds Person 

Rathke, Tyler

Assistant Track Coach


Redmond, Emily

Preschool Teacher in the Children's Center


Reed, Kay

A V Lab and Library Assistant


Reynolds, Kimberly

Director of the Foundation


Richard, Krystal

Library Associate Specialist


Riggins, Tasha

Instructor in Mass Communications


Roberts, Thomas

Web Developer


Robison, Joan

Instructor in Early Childhood Education Program
Coordinator of Early Childhood Education Program


Ross, James

Head Men's Soccer Coach


Santy, Charles

TRiO Academic Specialist


Schmitz, Theodore

Head Women's Track Coach
Coordinator of Fitness Center and Program


Schroeder, Jennifer

Library Director


Schroeder, Steve

Director of Athletic Training
Supervisor of Student Trainers


Shirkey, David

Instructor in Mathematics


Shrake, Tara

TRiO Concordia Campus Administrator


Sicard, Rex

Supervisor of Buildings Grounds and Transportation


Sieben, Jennifer

Instructor in Early Childhood Education


Sieben, Patrick

Instructor in Music


Skocny, Molly

Head Volleyball Coach


Smith, Dennis

Instructor in Physical Science
Director of the Earl Bane Observatory


Solt, Kay

Infant and Toddler Specialist


Sorell, Joe



Stangel, Janice

Coordinator of the Student Success Center


Starr, Annette

Administrative Assistant
for Vice President for Academic Affairs


Stimers, Mitch

Director of Institutional Research


Strait, Amanda

Director of Online Services


Strait, Della

Instructor in Nursing


Taylor, Deb

Office Manager of Admissions


Thornburgh, Erin

Instructor in Agronomy


Thrash, Jenny

Wind Energy Marketing Associate


Toone, Dr. Danette

President of Cloud County Community College


Troupe, Cathy

Instructor in Science


Tschetter, Stephanie

Instructor in English/Speech/Theater


Urban, Joseph



Wagner, Kimberly

Student Retention Specialist at the Geary County Campus


Whisler, Elizabeth

Instructor in Psychology and Education


Whisler, Mark

Instructor in Mathematics


Wilson, Christine

Director of Human Resources
Section 503 Coordinator


Wolf, Amanda

Secretary/Lab Assistant


Wolf, Craig



Wright, Teresa

Custodian at the Geary County Campus 

Wurtz, Cassie

Accounts Payable Specialist


York, Jason

Director of Business and Industry Programs at the Geary County Campus


Zabokrtsky, Jennifer

Coordinator of Student Services at the Geary County Campus


Zenger-Beneda, Nancy

Dean in the Division of Sciences and Business
Instructor in Speech and English


Higher Learning Commission Mark of Affiliation


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